Cambridge Assessment leads party conference collaboration

20 April 2010

To raise the profile of the education community at the political party conferences this year, Cambridge Assessment has been working with a number of organisations in the education and skills sectors.

Cambridge Assessment has worked with other stakeholders to set up the 'Education Exchange', a one-stop-shop for organisations associated with education and skills.

The purpose of the Education Exchange is to ensure that the education community is seen as a major presence at party conferences. It aims to increase collaboration and coordination between education stakeholders so that fringe events at party conferences are productive, useful and well attended; and enable networking opportunities between those involved in or with an interest in education and skills policy.

Organisations have been discussing a number of options for collaborative work. An online forum - to allow organisations to discuss their plans for the conference season, and to encourage the co-hosting of events - is now up and running. Discussions are also underway about the possibilities of joint promotional, branding and advertising opportunities, as well as joint events.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Education Exchange, please contact our Public Affairs unit by email or telephone +44(0)1223 556018.

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