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Cambridge Assessment Network is celebrating the release of its latest online self-study course: Data Literacy Essentials. Made in conjunction with the Data Science Unit and Research teams from across Cambridge, Data Literacy Essentials will equip participants with the essential skills to become more comfortable with data.  

Head of Assessment Training, Dr Simon Child, believes the course will have a significant impact on those who enrol.  

“We already have A103: Introducing Data Literacy which is a successful data course which sits within our assessment CPD portfolio. However, earlier this year, Perth and Kinross Council approached us to create a new bitesize course, which would be the ideal starting point for anyone beginning their data journey. We’re very proud of what we created, as it establishes a solid foundation for those who want to get going with data. We hope that Data Literacy Essentials inspires people to continue exploring how understanding of data and its applications can support them in the future.”  

To ensure the course quality matches Cambridge Assessment Network’s existing portfolio, Data Literacy Essentials has been through a successful pilot phase with over 150+ participants from Cambridge and Perth and Kinross Council giving their feedback. 

Digital Learning Designer, Kerry Watt, has been pivotal in the design and pilot stages of the course development. 

“Customer feedback is important to us as a team,” said Kerry. “We regularly do reviews and pilots to ensure and maintain the highest quality of our courses. Data is a topic full of misconceptions and it’s important that the experience in our virtual learning environment are optimised for those participating so they achieve all the relevant learning outcomes.”

The course will also be a key resource for the new Global Data Academy at Cambridge University Press & Assessment. Launched in May, staff will be able to access Data Literacy Essentials through the academy along with other CPD opportunities which will support data fluency across the organisation.  

There are four modules, which participants will expect to spend around 6 to 8 hours studying in total as they complete their study.  

  • Understanding data and where it comes from 
  • Looking after and communicating with data 
  • Understanding the potential of data 
  • Data and misconceptions

By the end of the course, participants will be able to consider the range of data they might encounter, know about the basic tools they can use in collecting and presenting data, and think about the right questions to ask when evaluating data. 

“Data Literacy Essentials takes the best learning principles from our assessment courses to support those willing to get going with data,” said Dr Simon Child. “The simple self-study model means it can fit around your work life – as you can continue at any time – and we hope it will support the data literacy of individuals and organisations from across the globe now it’s launched."

If you’re interested in how Data Literacy Essentials can support you or your organisation’s data fluency learn more today.  

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