New statistics reports: numbers of 'A' grades at A level and provision of GCSE science in schools by school type

16 March 2010

As part of Cambridge Assessment's commitment to transparency and access to examinations data, we have today uploaded two new statistics reports. Our statistical series provides information about the examination system that can be used by all.

Statistics Report Series no.14 documents the increasing numbers and percentages of A Level candidates achieving three of more 'A' grades in England between 2006 and 2009. Data is tabulated overall, by gender and by school type. Trends in the numbers of A Level candidates against the fluctuating 18 year old population are also shown.

Statistics Report Series no.15 investigates the provision of GCSE science options in secondary schools in England in 2009. Awarding bodies offer, at present, a suite of science GCSEs ranging from simple 'core science' (foundation in the subject) through to 'triple science', three separate qualifications in chemistry, physics and biology. The percentages of schools offering each science option are tabulated overall, by school type, school attainment and school deprivation.

For a more narrative description of what's happened in science, see our comments on the Policy Exchange Report Science Fiction? Uncovering the real level of science skills at school and university.

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