Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion by Saul Nassé

At Cambridge Assessment we are committed to championing diversity, trust and respect in everything we do.

Society has made progress in terms of equality, diversity and inclusion, but as our Vice Chancellor, Professor Stephen Toope, emphasised in a statement on behalf of everybody at the University of Cambridge last week, there is a lot more that can and must be done.

We are playing our part in tackling all forms of inequality through the millions of learners we reach every year. We know the assessments and content we create give us the chance to play a significant role. In our work we encourage people to embrace topics and ways of learning that do not privilege one viewpoint. We address issues around equality in assessment. And we advise on changes to national curricula.

We also work hard to promote equality and diversity in our workplace. We have a committed group of staff networks that play a huge role in shaping our thinking and the experiences of working for Cambridge Assessment around the world. We have the right values, but we recognise that there is more we can do to tackle inequality and build a more diverse organisation that truly reflects the communities we serve. That will make us not just a more inclusive organisation, but an even more effective one too.

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