Research Matters

Research Matters

Research Matters is our free biannual publication which allows us to share our assessment research, in a range of fields, with the wider assessment community. It features articles showcasing the wide variety of qualitative and quantitative research we carry out.

Latest issue: Spring 2020

Research Matters Issue 29
Research Matters issue 29

Foreword: Tim Oates CBE, Group Director, Assessment Research and Development

Editorial: Tom Bramley, Director, Research Division 

Accessibility in GCSE Science exams - Students' perspectives: Victoria Crisp and Sylwia Macinska

Using corpus linguistic tools to identify instances of low linguistic accessibility in tests: David Beauchamp and Filio Constantinou

A framework for describing comparability between alternative assessments: Stuart Shaw, Victoria Crisp and Sarah Hugues

Comparing small-sample equating with Angoff judgement for linking cut-scores on two tests: Tom Bramley

How useful if comparative judgement of item difficulty for standard maintaining? Tom Benton

Research News: Anouk Peigne

Research Matters issue 29

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