Conference 2010: Challenges of assessment reform

  • Simon Lebus
    Welcome and introductory remarks

    Welcome and introductory remarks from Group Chief Executive, Simon Lebus.

  • Paul Black
    Keynote address: Problems with formative and summative assessment: can a theory of pedagogy help?

    Professor Paul Black (King's College London) debates the problems with form...

  • Jo Anne Baird
    ‘Governments come and go’ Educational reform and strategy in schools and colleges: Professor Jo-Anne Baird, University of Bristol

    Professor Jo-Anne Baird, University of Bristol, discusses reform and strategy in schools...

  • Jannett Elwood
    Parallel session A: Professor Janette Elwood, Queen’s University Belfast

    Professor Janette Elwood, Queen’s University Belfast, discusses educational reform...

  • Geoff Hayward
    Qualifications, skills and employability: a peculiarly British obsession?

    Dr Geoff Hayward, University of Oxford, discusses the qualifications, skills and emp...

  • Conference 2010
    Delegates' reactions

    Cambridge Assessment Conference 2010 'Challenges of assessment reform''

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