Implementing Bilingual Education

  • Welcome by Dr Ben Schmidt

    Welcome address by Dr Ben Schmidt, Cambridge International Examinations

  • Part 1: Dr Peeter Mehisto introduction

    Dr Peeter Mehisto, author of 'Excellence in Bilingual Education'

  • Part 2: Dr Peeter Mehisto introduction

    Dr Peeter Mehisto (continued)

  • Panellist 1: Dr Lei Dongdong

    Principal, Cambridge International Centre of Shanghai Guanghua College, China

  • Panellist 2: Kerry Neuman

    Programme Director, Permata Bangsa International School, Semarang, Indonesia

  • Panellist 3: Dr Dong-Hai Nguyen

    Vice-Director, Natural Science and English Training Center, Vietnam

  • Discussion with panellists

    Discussion with panellists at Bilingual Education seminar