Podcast gallery

Podcast gallery

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We produce audio podcasts of our seminars and other events. You can also view interviews with our guest speakers and key education experts from around the world. 

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Cambridge Assessment podcast

An antidote to 'Teaching to the Test?' (13 mb)

Paul Steer, Head of Policy at OCR, predicts the impact of Ofsted's (the UK schools watchdog) new proposed inspection framework and whether it will help to reverse the current perceived emphasis on test scores as a means to judge whether a school is performing well.

Cambridge Assessment podcast

The Press and Assessment - A special exhibition (9 mb)

Gillian Cooke, Group Archivist, Cambridge Assessment talks through a special exhibition currently housed at Cambridge University Press which illustrates our 170-year working partnership. View the archive materialshere.

Cambridge Assessment podcast

Emotional Resilience in Young People (14 mb)

Professor Colleen McLaughlin shares her long history in the field of emotional development and resilience in young people. She explains why it is important and explores whether can we teach it.

Cambridge Assessment podcast

Opening doors for migrants (20 mb)

Dr Sinéad Fitzsimons shared her experiences of projects designed to open doors for migrants to access education and how they dovetail with the work of Cambridge Assessment and partners.

Cambridge Assessment podcast

New look for education economics research digest (30 mb)

James Croft and Gabriel Heller Sahlgren from the Centre for Education Economics (CfEE) talk about what the CfEE does, why education economics is important and how their regular research digest is changing.

Cambridge Assessment podcast

New Year predictions for education in England in 2019 (26 mb)

Paul Steer, Head of Policy at OCR, talks about what he thinks will be the hot topics in education in 2019, including T Levels, quality of marking, and recent reforms to A Levels and GCSEs.

Black Cantabs

Black Cantabs: History Makers portrait narratives (19 mb)

This groundbreaking exhibition tells the stories of black students in Cambridge, from the forgotten pioneers of centuries past to the celebrated successes of today. Narrated by Favaad Iqbal and Yozzie Osman from the Cambridge Assessment BAME Network.


Achieve Spring 2019

Our newsletter Achieve gives you a snapshot of the work we have carried out worldwide during the last few months.