Our response to proposals to replace GCSEs with O Levels

21 June 2012

Cambridge Assessment spokesperson said: “As the organisation that created IGCSEs, Cambridge Pre-U and Cambridge Technicals, Cambridge Assessment delivers evidence-based and research-led qualifications to meet the needs of all types of students.

"We support evidence-based educational reform and refute claims that competition has resulted in a 'dumbing down' of standards. Arbitrary changes to the exams systems and the multiple purposes that qualifications are now often expected to take on – accountability, driving up standards in schools, individual selection, and allowing greater access to education - have made it difficult to maintain standards over time. 

"There are challenges associated with a single qualification designed to recognise the achievement of all students – the current tiered system seeks to do that. However, we welcome a commitment to ensure that the 40% who do not achieve A*-C grades at GCSE are catered for and receive positive recognition of their achievement rather than simply ‘failing’ a GCSE. 

"Any reform requires measured and careful implementation and we will be engaging in the process when there is a consultation."

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