Cambridge Assessment's evidence in Select Committee report on school accountability

07 January 2010

Today, the Children, Schools and Families Select Committee has published its first report on School Accountability which includes our concerns.

In April 2009, Group Chief Executive Simon Lebus answered MP's questions and gave evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on Children, Schools and Families to inform its enquiry on School Accountability.

On behalf of the Group, Simon shared Cambridge Assessment's concerns about the use of qualifications data for achievement/attainment tables. He pointed out that qualifications designed by the Group's awarding bodies are designed for the purpose of recognising individual students' achievements, not for the purpose of measuring schools' performance. He called for a greater emphasis in looking at classroom interaction for accountability purposes.

Simon went on to state that Cambridge Assessment knew that it took a long time for new qualifications to gain currency and that it was a fantasy to assume that Diplomas would become the qualification of choice by 2013. Careful management of the change process was needed to ensure the Diploma found its feet. He also warned of the speed at which Phase 4 Diplomas were being created.

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