'Unsung Hero' award for Chloe Shaw

Chloe Shaw unsung hero

Chloe Shaw, our Partnerships Strategy Manager at Cambridge Assessment English (pictured centre right) has won an ‘Unsung hero’ award at the Women in International Education awards in Berlin. The awards are run by Lead 5050 and the Global Leadership League, both organisations supporting women in the international education industry and helping them reach positions of leadership.

Chloe’s nomination was supported by many of her colleagues, who submitted supporting statements celebrating, among other things, her authentic and collaborative leadership style. Chloe won the award in part for her work on diversity and inclusion, including the establishment of a Women in Leadership staff network, which aims to support women at any level as they move through their careers at Cambridge Assessment.

On learning she was the winner of the ‘Unsung Hero’ award, Chloe commented: “I’m so delighted to have been recognised in this way and hugely touched by people’s messages and words of congratulation. I’m very aware I am just one of many unsung heroes at Cambridge Assessment. I meet people every day from all parts of the organisation who are doing amazing work, often quietly and behind the scenes, to support each other and our community. Let’s celebrate these people at every opportunity. I know from my award that it means a lot.”

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