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We have a selection of videos from our various seminars, conferences and events hosted around the world. Use the player below to watch and explore our video archive.

Using e-portfolios to capture and assess transversal skills

Using e-portfolios to capture and assess transversal skills: tensions in theory and praxis (12:06)

In this presentation Cambridge Assessment researcher Emma Walland presents her findings on using e-portfolios to capture and assess transversal skills.

Still from video Interpreting PISA

Interpreting PISA - Understanding national educational improvement (01:56:16)

How an ambitious curriculum, aligned assessment, and focus on all students improved education in Portugal with former Minister of Science and Education, Professor Nuno Crato.

International Women's Day 2020 Video

Get to know our female CEOs (9:52)

As part of our International Women's Day 2020 celebrations, we sat down with Cambridge Assessment's three inspiring female CEOs, Jill Duffy, Christine Özden and Fran Woodward, to get to know each of them a little bit better. They share their individual experiences as leaders and discuss what we can be doing to help create a gender equal world.