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We have a selection of videos from our various seminars, conferences and events hosted around the world. Use the player below to watch and explore our video archive.

International Women's Day 2020 Video

Get to know our female CEOs (9:52)

As part of our International Women's Day 2020 celebrations, we sat down with Cambridge Assessment's three inspiring female CEOs, Jill Duffy, Christine Özden and Fran Woodward, to get to know each of them a little bit better. They share their individual experiences as leaders and discuss what we can be doing to help create a gender equal world.

Andrew Watts

Why didn't we abolish exams for 16-year-olds? (45:17)

Andrew Watts talks us through the history of external exams in England. He highlights how and why a policy to abolish secondary exams was once agreed by the British government, but never happened.

A Level Subject Choice and Higher Education Participation

A level subject choice and higher education participation (19:14)

In this presentation Carmen Vidal Rodeiro explores how A level subject choice and students' background characteristics relate to Higher Education participation.


Summit of Education (playlist)

A selection of videos and podcasts highlighting the best of the Cambridge Summit of Education: Anticipating the future of learning.

On-screen assessments for young learners

On-screen assessments for young learners (22:21)

A study was conducted to investigate how young learners (age 6–12) interact with different on-screen item types, in terms of cognitive and motor skills and to inform design and functionality considerations.

Teacher decision-making on post-16 provision (24:48)

This qualitative study, involving 11 interviews with senior teachers, explored the impact of the recent decoupling of AS and A Level qualifications.