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We have a selection of videos from our various seminars, conferences and events hosted around the world. Use the player below to watch and explore our video archive.

Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Assessment and Examinations

Studying assessment at a Postgraduate level (5:05)

Why study assessment? Course directors and alumni answer questions about the Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Assessment and Examinations, a part-time course run by Cambridge Assessment Network and the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. Find out more here.

#CamEdLive Tim Oates

Why we still need GCSEs - #CamEdLive (39:04)

Join Tim Oates, Group Research Director, as he explores the unique function GCSEs perform in our education system, and debunks some of the myths surrounding testing.

Research bytes (playlist)

Research Bytes are short videos recorded by our researchers in order to give you another opportunity to catch up with work they may have presented at a conference or via live stream.

#CamEdLive guests

Early career teacher retention - #CamEdLive (59:46)

What is the impact of a trainee teacher’s social and professional relationships on their success as a trainee and as a teacher? #CamEdLive invited Relational Schools and Suffolk & Norfolk SCITT to discuss their research.

Dr Mary Richardson

Assessment in a "post-truth" world (01:56:16)

In a “post-truth” world, how are people expected to believe in the value of educational assessments? Dr Mary Richardson explored this question at a recent Cambridge Assessment Network seminar.

Leaning tower of Pisa

The link between subject choices and achievement at GCSE and PISA performance (7:28)

Research Bytes - Tom Benton presents his research comparing individual pupil achievement on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), and the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE).

Vocational, technical and applied qualifications within upper secondary education (16:57)

Research Bytes - Joanna and Matthew Carroll looked at who takes vocational, applied and technical qualifications, how those qualifications fit within students' programmes of study, and where students tend to progress to next. As presented by Joanna at AEA Europe 2018.

Black Cantabs Asher Goodenough video

Black Cantabs: History Makers portrait narratives (20:16)

This groundbreaking exhibition tells the stories of black students in Cambridge, from the forgotten pioneers of centuries past to the celebrated successes of today. Narrated by Favaad Iqbal and Yozzie Osman from the Cambridge Assessment BAME Network.

teacher expertise

Training teachers, trusting teachers, building competence - understanding teacher expertise (02:02:20)

Professor Christopher Winch of King's College London discusses the issue of teacher expertise at the Cambridge Assessment Network seminar: 'Training teachers, trusting teachers, building competence'

News articles as data: Analysing the Portrayal of Exams in the UK Print Media (23:00)

Research Bytes - Matthew Carroll presents research on changes in UK media coverage of GCSEs from 1988 to 2017, as delivered at IAEA 2018. Read the full research paper here.

gaining insight from social media

Gaining insight from social media data in educational assessment (19:02)

Research Bytes - Anne-Claire Gueranger presents research on social media data. Anne-Claire and her team produce our Data Bytes series, highlighting the latest research in education and assessment.

How have students and schools performed

How have students and schools performed on the Progress 8 performance measure? (13:26)

Research Bytes - Tim Gill presents his research on the Progress 8 performance measure, as delivered at BERA 2018. Read the full research paper here.


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