Jesse Dvorchak

Jesse Dvorchak

Jesse Dvorchak

Jesse is a seasoned education professional with over 20 years of experience in educational leadership and innovation. She is an expert in assessment design, development, research methods, data analysis, and product implementation.

Jesse is the Head of Digital Assessment & Evaluation at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, where she leads the creation, maintenance, and prioritisation of the organization's digital assessment and evaluation products.

Jesse is passionate about digital assessment and its potential to promote inclusivity and equitable education for all learners. She is committed to ensuring that digital assessment tools and processes are accessible, fair, and valid for all students, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances. In her current role, she guides the transition from paper-based assessments to digital, on-screen assessment by conveying the vision, value, and context of "why" digital assessment and evaluation are crucial for promoting inclusivity and plans "how" best to deliver effectively.

When she is not focused on transforming approaches to assessment, Jesse can be found spending time on her farm with an array of animals who have no interest in assessments whatsoever!

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