Juliet Wilson

Juliet Wilson

Juliet Wilson

Juliet Wilson joined Cambridge International as Director of Assessment in August 2018, and took on responsibility for the Customer Support function in August 2022. She has a wealth of experience both in customer facing roles and as a senior leader within Cambridge.

What is your role in the Digital Assessment team?

I am the co-sponsor, along with Peter Canning.

What can people ask you about?

Anything really! That's not to say I will know the answers, but I know a lot of clever people who will know.

Tell us something about you that we don't need to know, but helps us get to know you

I used to work in Colombia.

What is the most exciting thing in the future of assessment?

The possibility of keeping the high stakes nature of assessment, which our customers value, but to make it more immediate, personalised and inclusive.

What most annoys you about the assessment industry?

People talking about it as if there is one right way to do assessment.

What are your interests?

​​​​​​​Yoga and ballet and I force myself to go running. And after all that, sitting in front of the fire, listening to beautiful music and reading a good novel.

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