Lucas Moretti

Lucas Moretti

Lucas Moretti

Lucas has a background in Science Education, working for the past five years as a User Experience Researcher, understanding teachers’ and learners’ needs and useful ways to deliver assessment digitally.

What is your role in the Digital Assessment team?

Facilitating conversations with teams and customers to create a clearer vision of ideas that the teams want to validate.

What can people ask you about?

UX, wireframes, prototyping, interviewing, empathy.

Tell us something about you that we don't need to know, but helps us get to know you

I worked for a famous cruise liner as a photographer, getting to travel around the world twice and meeting people from all different sorts of backgrounds.

What is the most exciting thing in the future of assessment?


What most annoys you about the assessment industry?

One bad day can ruin a learner's performance on their exams.

What are your interests?

Talking to people, movies and games.

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