Nicola Twitchett

Nicola Twitchett

Nicola Twitchett

Nicola is currently an Assessment Lead designing new digital first products in the team. She has a background in geography education and expertise in designing, managing and delivering multiple qualifications globally.

What is your role in the Digital Assessment team?

Developing ‘digital first’ qualifications with a focus on data literacy in Humanities and Social Sciences.

What can people ask you about?

  • The migration of existing assessments to onscreen
  • How we can use digital to assess data literacy and ‘future skills’ authentically.

Tell us something about you that we don't need to know, but helps us get to know you

For 20 years I taught in London schools, latterly as Director of Achievement (Sixth Form) and as a Safeguarding Lead. In a former life I was a solicitor.

What is the most exciting thing in the future of assessment?

The potential that digital brings to offer truly inclusive and authentic assessments to learners that give them the tools they need for further study, in work and as global citizens.

What most annoys you about the assessment industry?

The societal value placed on assessments that reward knowledge and recall versus those that emphasise the application of skills such as collaboration, communication, creative and critical thinking to generate new thinking and understanding.

What are your interests?

Attending sporting events, live music and my pets. I’m also a volunteer warden in Epping Forest supporting its ecological management.

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