Pia Kreijkes

Pia Kreijkes

Pia Kreijkes

Pia is a research officer who is conducting research in the Education and Curriculum team. Pia completed her PhD in Education at the University of Cambridge.

What is your role in the Digital Assessment team?

Conducting agile research projects to inform product development.

What can people ask you about?

Data literacy competencies and approaches to teaching these.

Tell us something about you that we don't need to know, but helps us get to know you

I broke my right wrist as I tried to jump over a fence to catch a departing ice cream van (I also broke my left wrist but that’s a different story).

What most annoys you about the assessment industry?

A bit more broadly than the assessment industry... that students’ educational outcomes tend to be captured as their exam performance at the end of the year (or schooling) without consideration of their performance over time.

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