Ross Roberton

Ross Roberton

Ross Roberton

Ross has worked in education for over 20 years designing, managing and delivering various qualifications around the world. He is currently the Curriculum and Product Design Lead in the team designing new digital first assessments.

What is your role in the Digital Assessment team?

Develop ‘born digital’ qualifications with a focus on data literacy in Geography.

What can people ask you about?

Curriculum design and the implications for teaching & learning.

Tell us something about you that we don't need to know, but helps us get to know you

I taught Mathematics in numerous countries over a 12 year spell, including Kenya, Italy and Thailand.

What is the most exciting thing in the future of assessment?

The introduction of digital assessments should finally help us start to align what happens in schools with the challenges students will face in the real world.

What most annoys you about the assessment industry?

Inertia and short-term thinking based on government led education policies (not just a UK problem).

What are your interests?

Travel, reading and all sports but particularly football.

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