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Telling the story of maths education in England and the United States

by Nicky Rushton, Dominika Majewska & Stuart Shaw, 08 November 2022
US and UK country map silhouettes with flags with circular arrows pointing to and from each country

As we might expect, there are both similarities and differences in mathematics teaching in England and the US. If we want to understand the differences, it is useful to look at the way that mathematics has been taught in the past and how such teaching has influenced teaching today. In this blog and the accompanying time lines we explore the main events and influences in mathematics education in the two countries.

Keeping track of changes to the education and exam system in England

by Nicky Rushton, 15 March 2022
Students taking notes in class

There are so many changes to education that it can be difficult to keep track of them all or remember what they were about. In this blog, Nicky Rushton talks about the Register of Change and the latest additions to it covering the effects of COVΙD-19 on schooling, general qualifications and vocational and technical qualifications.

Nicky Rushton

Nicky Rushton
Senior Research Officer