AEA - Europe 2019 - Lisbon

Association for Educational Assessment Europe annual conference 2019
Speakers: Tim Oates, Group Director of Assessment Research and Development, Cambridge Assessment
Date: 13 Nov 2019 - 16 Nov 2019 Venue: SANA Lisboa Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo 8 Lisbon 1069-310
Type: Conference

AEA Europe 2019 features 20 Cambridge Assessment researchers presenting 16 sessions. Highlights include:

Tim OatesThe ‘grey history’ of assessment: Understanding the origins of England’s new model of assessment of practical work in Science

Tim Oates, Cambridge Assessment Group Director of Assessment Research and Development, traces the history of the UK’s controversial new assessment model, in which practical work no longer counts towards final grades in qualifications.

The presentation will reveal aspects of ‘grey history’ not present in the official record, and examine whether the new model has led to a fall in practical work in schools, as some critics predicted.

Spoilt for choice? - Is it a good idea to let students choose which questions they answer in an exam?

Cambridge Assessment researcher Tom Bramley presents research conducted with colleague Victoria Crisp exploring arguments for and against using optional questions in exams. Tom and Victoria previously explored this area in the Insight article Spoilt for choice?

Re-heated meals: Revisiting the teaching, learning and assessment of practical cookery in schools

The place of practical cookery within school subjects in England has, in recent years, been debated as part of concerns about the nation's health and obesity. Cambridge Assessment researchers Gill Elliot and Jo Ireland will discuss the implications of their research and the role of practical cookery teaching and assessment in schools in the future. 

Read their blog on practical cookery teaching in schools.

On-screen assessments for young learners: Considerations for on-screen item type design and usage

Understanding how young learners interact with on-screen assessments is essential to designing valid and fair on-screen assessments. Sanjay Mistry from Cambridge Assessment International presents research on how young learners (age 6-12) interact with different on-screen item types, in terms of cognitive and motor skills and to inform design and functionality considerations. 

Watch Sanjay's Research Byte video on on-screen assessments for young learners

Pre-conference workshop: Is assessment 'fair'?

Stuart Shaw, Cambridge Assessment International Education

Isabel Nisbet, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Cambridge Assessment believes that research plays a vital role in the continuous improvement of educational and assessment policies. The organisation has the largest educational research capability of its kind in Europe, with more than 80 researchers who present their findings at conferences and seminars across the world.

Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo 8 Lisbon 1069-310