e-Luminate Cambridge Festival

e-Luminate Cambridge Festival

Speakers: n/a
Date: 10 - 15 Feb 2017 Venue: Cambridge Corn Exchange 2 Wheeler Street Cambridge CB2 3QB
Type: Festival Fee: Various

Cambridge Assessment will be participating in the annual e-Luminate Cambridge festival which will launch on 10 February 2017 at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. The festival will be hosting a series of events from 10-15 February across the city, including events at Cambridge Corn Exchange and Guildhalls. 

The work of three of the artists from the Triangle artist mentoring programme has been selected to show at the contemporary art event from 10 to 15 February. Abi Spendlove will use infrared video footage to create a short film of the journey from Cambridge Assessment’s current central Cambridge sites to Triangle that will run on a loop. Henry Driver’s work will show distorted and manipulated live video footage of the Corn Exchange audience, and the work of the third artist, Eleanor Osmond, will feature a scrolling LED display of text from Cambridge Assessment exam papers, some of it spliced together, creating “impossible instructions and uncertain fragments”.

E-Luminate Cambridge festival aims to show the richness and diversity of the city’s iconic buildings and public spaces in a new light, with the 2017 theme being ‘Play of Light. The artist mentoring programme is for artists at an early stage in their careers and is part of our Triangle public art engagement programme.

Visit the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival for more information.

2 Wheeler Street Cambridge CB2 3QB