IAEA 2019

International Association for Educational Assessment Conference 2019

Speakers: Hanan Khalifa, Director, Education Transformation and Alliances, Cambridge English
Date: 22 - 27 Sep 2019 Venue: Fairmont Baku Baku AZ1006
Type: Conference

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Assessment and Decision-Making: Individual and Institutional solutions

Cambridge Assessment English and Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing are sponsors of the International Association for Educational Assessment Conference 2019, hosted by the State Examination Center of Azerbaijan in Baku.

Hanan Khalifa, Director of Education Transformation and Alliances, Cambridge English, will give the keynote lecture ‘Assessment as a reforming initiative’ on September 24th, exploring how assessment is adapting to the demand of the digital age, the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning and much more.

Cambridge Assessment staff are leading several sessions across the conference:

Date Session
September 22

Is Assessment Fair? (workshop)

Stuart Shaw Principal Research Officer, Cambridge Assessment International Education

Isabel Nisbet Regional Director of Education (South East Asia) Cambridge International

September 23

Language Assessment: Investigating language used in on-screen assessment and digital literacies

Stuart Shaw Cambridge International

Assessment and decision-making: knowledge exchange and collaboration between Cambridge and Azerbaijan on the English Language Assessment review

Daniel Brooker Head of Consultancy, Cambridge Assessment English

September 26

Assessment reforms: Thinking skills assessments for high-stakes selection

Paul Crump Assessment Group Manager, Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing

Assessment Delivery Models: A framework for describing comparability between alternative assessments

Stuart Shaw Cambridge International

Assessment Delivery Models: Student engagement with on-screen assessments: A systematic literature review

Carla Pastorino Research Officer, Cambridge Assessment International Education

See the full conference programme at IAEA2019.org

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