Communications masterclass with storytelling and theatre training

The Rising Tide: Communications masterclass

Speakers: Dr Ghina Halabi and Dr Judita Vivas
Date: 29 Oct 2020 Venue: Online
Time: 17:00 - 19:30
Type: Workshop Fee: Free

The Rising Tide: Women at Cambridge is a festival of exhibitions, events, and displays exploring the past, present and future of women at Cambridge. Programmed by Cambridge University Libraries, created by students and staff from across the University, and running across the city, The Rising Tide, will facilitate assembly, debate and conversation. The programme will provide opportunities for Cambridge women to discuss their singular experiences, and the lives of those women who forged the modern University.

These masterclasses are open to all women of different ages, backgrounds and professions. Please note you must be aged over 18 to attend. This session will be run virtually, you will be sent a link to join the event.

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Communication masterclass

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Recent studies show that women are less likely to speak up in conferences and meetings. This often stems from a lack of confidence in their knowledge-base or being intimidated by male-dominated environments.This casts a shadow on their lived experiences,and strips them the opportunity of shaping their own narrative and normalising their presence in positions of power.

A key strategy to help women become more visible and vocal in professional environments is to boost their confidence by providing them with effective communication techniques. This two-hour long communication masterclass with storytelling and theatre training aims to provide participants with these techniques. The masterclass applies two aspects of theatre methodology “Psychophysical Training” and “Positive Feedback” to help participants communicate clearly and with confidence in a unique model that is not available commercially. Actor training techniques create spatial-and self-awareness that enhance stage presence, boost confidence and create resonance with the audience. This enables speaking with power and authenticity which amplifies one’s charisma. Psychophysical training focuses on connecting with the body to minimise physical and mental blockages. It pushes one out of the comfort zone and enhances interpersonal connections and improvisation. All these aspects are crucial for visibility and public speaking. The masterclass combines the scientific narrative (story creation)with the theatrical delivery (storytelling) thereby allowing participants to draw on techniques from both approaches.

It is designed and delivered by Dr Ghina Halabi and Dr Judita Vivas. Dr Vivas is an actress and theatre artist with a PhD in theatre studies and more than 10 years of theatre experience. She teaches drama, leads theatre workshops,and has performed 20+ productions in UK and Europe. Dr Halabi is a communications consultant and storyteller with a PhD in astrophysics. She is a public speaker at international conferences and global forums including the United Nations and TEDx. She coaches and consults on communication and differentiation with storytelling. 

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