Diploma news from OCR

31 July 2007

Our UK exam board OCR has announced that it is launching the Principal Learning components for three of the initial five Diploma lines of learning.

These are Information Technology, Creative and Media, and Engineering. Having had to put together a new and complex style of qualification on a shortened timescale, OCR has decided to concentrate on three areas where it can best engage with employers, provide high-quality support to teachers and learners, and build on its experience of other work-related qualifications such as OCR Nationals.

OCR's Chief Executive, Greg Watson, said: "Diplomas are a bold innovation, but they have to work from day one for the young people who choose them. To give schools and colleges time to prepare, we've developed Diplomas much faster than most other qualifications. We felt we would get the quality right by concentrating on three key sectors for the UK economy and building on existing good practice in qualifications design."

Further details of OCR's qualifications, including Diplomas, and its support for schools, colleges and learners can be found on the OCR website.