SHAPE Education shortlisted for 'Oscars of education'

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SHAPE Education has been shortlisted for the Science of Learning Award at this year's Reimagine Awards described as the 'Oscars of education'. Reimagine Education is the world’s largest awards programme for innovative pedagogies and each year it culminates in a global forum for educational thought-leaders.

You can register now for a free pass to gain access to the innovators virtual exhibit hall from 4 - 8 December 2020, where you'll be able to learn more about the 120 applicants shortlisted for the 'Oscars of Education' awards. You can interact via the virtual chat facility and vote for your favourite innovators. There will then be a three-day conference on 9 - 11 December, culminating with the announcement of the award winners at a ceremony on 11 December.

SHAPE Education is an initiative from Cambridge Assessment together with University of Cambridge Judge Business School, that seeks to connect the complex real-world problems of education with creative educational ideas and research to build the next generation of educational solutions and thought leadership for the good of global education. We are facing unprecedented challenges in society and the world of work, which demand changes in the design and delivery of education. It is vital we ensure education continues to meet the needs of young people, preparing them for the world they will face on leaving school. An education system designed for an industrial economy, now being automated, requires transformation from a system based on facts and knowledge to one that actively applies that knowledge in ways that develop human potential. Existing research, together with insights from SHAPE events, strongly support this view. 

Ultimately, the target audience is learners – SHAPE seeks to go beyond ‘conversation’ and accelerate change to improve education for all, but teachers, school leaders, edtech providers, researchers, analysts, futurists and policy makers, among others, are all key audiences who contribute and benefit. 

A short video has been created to tell you more about SHAPE Education.

Vote SHAPE Education now by registering for free access to the Reimagine exhibition hall.

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