Successful thinking for all

09 December 2008

The latest research by Cambridge Assessment - in collaboration with our UK exam board OCR - found a dramatic one-grade improvement in achievement at A Level for those students taking Critical Thinking at AS Level.

The findings illustrate the cross-curricular benefits of thinking skills which are developed through courses such as Critical Thinking.

The results of 4,000 students were analysed, comparing 2,000 who achieved an A or B grade in their AS Level Critical Thinking with those who had not studied the subject. The sample groups had the same prior attainment levels based on GCSE results, ensuring a fair comparison.

Subjects where the biggest difference was noticed in the comparative groups included Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Geography, Economics, Psychology and English.

The findings will be discussed with teachers at a 'Successful Thinking for All' conference to be hosted by OCR at Rugby School, Warwickshire, on 27 January 2009. 

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