Vice-Chancellor joins in 150th anniversary celebrations

Cambridge Assessment was honoured by a visit from Cambridge University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alison Richard, as part of its 150th anniversary celebrations. 

During her visit the Vice-Chancellor gave a short speech, highlighting the important role of Cambridge Assessment within the University and the special relationship between them. She commended Cambridge Assessment for its work in 'inventing exams'and the way in which the organisation has responded to changes in education and embraced new technological developments.

The Vice-Chancellor also unveiled a time capsule box that will be placed in Cambridge Assessment's Archives on 15 December, the 150th anniversary of the day the first exam was sat. The time capsule will contain details of technology used in assessment, exam specifications and certificates along with a record of the organisation's anniversary celebrations, including photographs, press coverage and film footage of key events. The handmade box is a modern version of the ones used by examiners in the 1800s to carry exam papers.

The inspiration for the time capsule came from the exhibits preserved from the 1900 Paris Exhibition to celebrate the turn of the century. These exhibits are now held in the Cambridge Assessment Archive and provide a living memory of the work of the organisation at that time.

The Vice-Chancellor untied a ribbon around the box and placed in it a copy of the commemorative book, Examining the World. She was presented with a hard back copy of the book signed by all the authors by Professor Tony Badger, Chair of the Syndicate.

Group Chief Executive Simon Lebus, welcomed the Vice-Chancellor to Cambridge Assessment and talked about the importance of the University's support which has been a 'vital ingredient' in the Group's success. He said: "We have survived and flourished because the heart of our mission has been to bring educational excellence to the greatest possible number of people. The commitment was a central element in the vision of our founders, and it is an ideal which I know is shared by the University."

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