Using technology to improve feedback in the teaching and learning process

Summit of Education 2019

Using technology to improve feedback in the teaching and learning process

What role can technology play in learning and when and how does it need to be restricted?

Feedback is an interaction between teacher and learner that moves learning forward, enabling responsive teaching and learning. In this session, Rachel Bateman, Michelle North, Jo Scott and Tom Booth explore how technology can add value to the delivery and reception of feedback. 

The session considers three examples of the use of technology in delivering, receiving and using feedback:

  • Cambridge International will demonstrate how some of their centres delivering Professional Development Qualifications for teachers use technology to provide learners with feedback that is tailored to their specific needs, allowing them to see where they are and how to get to where they want to be.
  • OCR will explain how technology can act as a mediator for the teacher’s feedback, with videos that learners can use in different ways, to enable more effective use of the feedback and retention of its content.
  • Cambridge English will show how technology can provide learners and teachers with instant diagnostic feedback on their pupils’ abilities and needs.

About the speakers

Rachel Bateman

Rachel Bateman has been a Senior Assessment Advisor in the Assessment Standards and Quality team at Cambridge Assessment International Education for three years. She works with grading and grade review, syllabus development and coursework and moderation for syllabuses across the organisation.

Michelle North

Michelle North is the Head of Subject Advisors at OCR. She leads the multi-disciplinary team who support teachers delivering OCR qualifications across the range of subjects in schools and colleges in the UK.

Tom Booth

Tom Booth has been working on digital learning and assessment products at Cambridge Assessment English since 2010. He currently works on diagnostic testing, and is particularly interested in how digital assessment and detailed feedback can be embedded into learning products in engaging and impactful ways.

Jo Scott is Education Officer in the Professional Development Qualifications team at Cambridge International

OCR's technology enhanced projects with Shireland Collegiate Academy