Practitioner Workshops portfolio

Focusing on important elements of assessment design and practice, our CPD accredited assessment practitioner workshops are short, sharp sessions designed to fit seamlessly around your work commitments.

You’ll gain principled knowledge and the techniques to build and improve your practice. The resources you take away will support you in applying your learning to your own context, continuing your development long after the workshops have ended.

Depending on your role and the context you’re working in, you may want to focus your learning on a specific area of assessment. We’ve outlined some possible pathways below.

Assessment principles

Assessment reliability (Workshop)

This interactive workshop will help you to gain a better understanding of the concept of assessment reliability, including how it is conceptualised, calculated, and should be interpreted.

Online | 2 CPD hours | £95

Assessment development and design

Designing effective assessments and items (Workshop series)

A series of three interactive online workshops to determine strategies to advance your assessment design practice, whether you are refreshing your knowledge or learning for the first time.

Online | 6 CPD hours | £265

Setting and maintaining a grading standard (Workshop)

An interactive workshop, designed to fit around your working day, exploring different approaches to grading and how these can be applied in your own context.

Online | 1.5 CPD hours | £95

Understanding and optimising your mark schemes (Workshop)

This interactive workshop will describe the different approaches to mark schemes and provide practical guidance on how mark schemes can be optimised.

Online | 1.5 CPD hours | £95

Using multiple-choice questions (MCQ) to good effect (Workshop series)

A series of three interactive workshops to add to your assessment practitioner toolkit and gain skills to inform your future teaching practice.

Online | 4.5 CPD hours | £265

Assessment data and data management

An introduction to statistics for assessment (Workshop series)

A series of three interactive online workshops, designed to fit around your working day. Drive your assessment related decisions through data and statistics.

Online | 4.5 CPD hours | £265

Computer adaptive testing (Workshop series)

A series of three interactive workshops that will cover the basic concepts of Computer Adaptive Tests (CATs) and their use in different assessment contexts.

Online | 4.5 CPD hours | £265

Item banking in practice (Workshop)

An interactive workshop introducing item banking in practice, with an opportunity to discuss the relevance of item banking in your own context.

Online | 1.5 CPD hours | £95

Item response theory in practice (Workshop series)

A series of three interactive online workshops, designed to develop your understanding of item response theory and learn to apply it to your own context through practical activities.

Online | 4.5 CPD hours | £265

Assessment research, innovation and policy

Comparative judgement in educational assessment (Workshop)

An interactive workshop providing an overview of the history, theory and practice of comparative judgement in educational assessment.

Online | 1.5 CPD hours | £95

E-assessment - expectations, impediments and lessons learnt (Workshop)

This interactive online workshop aims to familiarise participants with issues encountered when introducing e-assessment. Using theory, research and practical experience this session will allow you to consider what e-assessment is and why the intended benefits of e-assessment are not always realised.

Online | 2 CPD hours | £95

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