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Sylvia Vitello
Sylvia Vitello (1)

Senior Research Officer

Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes (2)

Research and Thought Leadership Lead, Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Martin Johnson Blogger
Martin Johnson (2)

Senior Research Officer, Assessment Research and Development, Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Tim Oates Blogger
Tim Oates (19)

Group Director of Assessment and Research

Dan Hutchinson
Dan Hutchinson (1)

Proposition Director, Higher Education & Adult at Cambridge University Press ELT

Nicky Rushton
Nicky Rushton (2)

Senior Research Officer

Emma Walland
Emma Walland (2)

Research Officer

Tori Coleman Blogger
Tori Coleman (1)

Research Officer, Cambridge Assessment

Nick Saville
Nick Saville (1)

Director of Research and Thought Leadership, Cambridge Assessment English

Chris Shadforth
Chris Shadforth (1)

Director of External Communications, Cambridge Assessment

Stuart Briner
Stuart Briner (1)

Deputy Director, Digital Products and Services Innovation, Cambridge Assessment International Education

Tom Bramley
Tom Bramley (3)

Director, Research Division

Alana Walden Blogger
Alana Walden (6)

Social Media and Digital Content Manager, Cambridge Assessment

Irenka Suto Blogger
Irenka Suto (1)

Principal Research Officer, Cambridge Assessment

Harriet Dean
Harriet Dean (2)

PA/Unit Coordinator to the Public Affairs Department and Co-chair of Cambridge Assessment's Women in Leadership staff network

Gillian Cooke Blogger
Gillian Cooke (11)

Group Archivist

Lyn Dale
Lyn Dale (1)

Assessment Psychologist, Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing

Andy Chamberlain
Andy Chamberlain (1)

Head of Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing