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Ashley Capaldi Blogger
Ashley Capaldi (1)

Group Social Media and Digital Content Manager

Tammy Liu Blogger
Tammy Liu (1)

Education Contracts Manager, Cambridge English

Bene't Steinberg Blogger
Bene't Steinberg (1)

Group Director of Public Affairs

Gillian Cooke Blogger
Gillian Cooke (1)

Group Archivist

Tim Oates Blogger
Tim Oates (1)

Group Director of Assessment and Research

Jenna Watson Blogger
Jenna Watson (1)

Teacher, University of Cambridge Primary School and Chartered College of Teaching Trustee

Martin Robinson Blogger
Martin Robinson (1)

Educationalist and author

Hanan Khalifa Blogger
Hanan Khalifa (1)

Director, Education Transformation and Alliances, Cambridge English

Andrew Nye Blogger
Andrew Nye (1)

Interim Deputy Director, Digital and New Product Development, Cambridge Assessment English

Lucy Rycroft Smith Blogger
Lucy Rycroft-Smith (1)

Research and Communications Officer, Cambridge Mathematics

Peter Monteath Blogger
Peter Monteath (1)

Regional Director UK and Ireland, Cambridge International Examinations

Martin Johnson Blogger
Martin Johnson (1)

Research Officer, Cambridge Assessment

Claudia Bickford Smith Blogger
Claudia Bickford-Smith (1)

Director, Development, Cambridge International Examinations

Ellie Darlington Blogger
Ellie Darlington (1)

Research Officer, Cambridge Assessment

Paul Steer Blogger
Paul Steer (1)

Head of Policy and Public Affairs, OCR

Philip Parker Blogger
Philip Parker (1)

Head of Corporate Affairs, Cambridge International Examinations